Upskill and inspire tomorrow's marketing leaders

The Brand Masters Program covers five capability modules that are sequenced and designed to complement each other and collectively deliver the foundations of outstanding marketing competency.

  • Hear from the best

    Each module will feature thought leadership presentations from subject matter experts. Past guests have included the Global Head of Media for McDonalds, and the Head of Insights for Nestle.

  • Grow your skills

    Content includes core principles and practical examples, we introduce terms, definitions, case studies, models and tools to ensure every participant takes away their own actionable learning from the Program.

  • Learn interactively

    These 1-day modules are not ‘lecture-style learning’ as we focus delivery on an inspiring and interactive workshop approach designed to deliver the foundations of outstanding marketing competency.

Five interactive modules to sharpen your skills

The Brand Masters Program covers five 1-day capability modules available as a virtual online live learning classroom and face-to-face.

Enabling powerful marketing learning experiences

The Brand Masters Program provides marketers with a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ to craft great brands from insights right through to execution and measuring effectiveness.

  • Professional Recognition

    Completion of all 5 modules has career value. Participants who complete the Brand Masters Program can use the AANA Brand Masters Program completion logo which can be added to your digital profile and resume.

  • Future Academic Credit

    Participants who complete all 5 Brand Masters Program modules can be eligible for a pathway to Deakin University academic accreditation for credit towards specific degrees.

Important Dates

The BMP consists of 5 modules per session - Modules are 9am - 4.30pm

Why complete all 5 modules? 

The Brand Masters Program covers five capability modules that are designed to complement each other and together deliver on the core marketing competency. A common thread links all five modules. Each module is enabled by the one before, culminating in the final module which answers the question ‘did it work?’.


March 2023
Series 1
7 Mar 8 Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 16 Mar

April/May 2023
Series 2
13 Apr 18 Apr 19 Apr 27 Apr 2 May

June 2023
Series 3 
6 Jun 7 Jun 8 Jun 14 Jun 15 Jun

Designed with emerging marketing leaders in mind:

The BMP has been crafted to deliver business growth through stronger brands and up-skilled people

  • Access the BMP tools and frameworks via a simple single sign on learning management portal

  • Made up of energising and interactive workshops that advance understanding and application of core principles, processes, tools and belief systems, supplemented by an engaging AANA e-learning portal

  • Facilitated by a faculty of leading marketing practitioners, using illuminating case studies, thought leadership and shared personal experiences